Wild Horses & Trojan Dreams

When your contemporary art curator wants to bring in a performance artist

by Pieter Vermeulen


by Pieter Vermeulen


The 20 Most Powerless People in the Art World – 2013 Edition

by Pieter Vermeulen


by Pieter Vermeulen

De kunstenaar als Trojaans paard (door Laura Herman)

by Pieter Vermeulen

58_Herman_Pilvi Takala, Snow White, 2009_380

Pilvi Takala, Snow White, 2009


The Godfather Horse’s Head in the Bed Scene

by Pieter Vermeulen

‘C’ for Culture (from l’Abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze)

by Pieter Vermeulen


Yes, certainly, it’s a form of pleasure, although not always. But I see this as part of my investment in being “on the lookout.” I don’t believe in culture to some extent, but rather I believe in encounters. But these encounters don’t occur with people. People always think that it’s with people that encounters occur, which is why it’s awful… Now, in this, that belongs to the domain of culture, intellectuals, meeting one another, this disgusting practice of conferences, this infamy. So encounters, it’s not between people that they happen, but with things… So I encounter a… painting, yes, or a piece of music, that’s how I understand an encounter.

JAY Z “Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film”

by renscools

Postmodernism killed the avant garde. Lady Gaga is no substitute for Lou Reed

by Pieter Vermeulen

Andy Warhol


Ryan Gander plans to set up own art school

by Pieter Vermeulen